Your guide to what’s in a website

When we send you a proposal there are various terms we use to describe what you’ll get when we build you a website. Here are some common ones…

Web pages

When we refer to a web page we mean a formal page setting out some aspect of your business such as your “About” page or “Services” page.

When we create pages for your website we aim to use about 600-700 words per page. This text may be supplied by you or you may want to use our using our copywriting service or perhaps do both.

Responsive and mobile friendly

With over 200 screens sizes on different devices you can imagine it’s not possible to design for each one! Our websites detect which device is accessing your website and adjust themselves accordingly making sure your website is viewed as you’d expect.

A non-responsive older website would serve some unexpected results on many web browsers so this is a key feature in today’s market. Over half of all browsers in the UK use a mobile devices to access the internet – just have a look on your average High Street, cafe or bar! A responsive website will enable all these people to access your website correctly.

Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, so we follow that advice.

Content Management System (CMS)

This refers to the admin area located behind the scenes of your website – the bit you don’t see. The pages on your website can be updated using our WordPress Content Management System accessible 24 hours a day. This allows you to instantly make changes from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to update your content.

Search Engine Friendly

The key to a successful website is being found. A great looking website which does not show up on Google will rely on visitors knowing your website address already. Those that are visible in Google will be found by people who have never heard of your business but require the products and services you offer.

We pride ourselves on building websites which are search engine friendly and accessible via Google and can help you achieve high rankings in Google as an ongoing service.

Stock photography

Professional high quality photographs will make your website look much more professional and take it to another level.

We also offer a professional photography service using professional equipment and lighting. Many customers use this service to photograph their facilities, staff, products etc.

If you have your own photographs we can work with them to make them suitable for your website.

Our Photoshop photo retouching service helps enhance any photographs, add logos, clean up messy items and make them look modern. The sky is the limit on this service, pretty much if you can dream it we can do it!


Part of the home page design includes a slide show. We create a slider and add slides which reflect the key message of your business. There are various levels of simplicity from basic fade in to fully animated slides with all the buzzers and bells.

Contact Form

A common way of making an enquiry on a website is via a contact form. The data is collected and emailed to you. You can collect whatever data you need to collect within the law.

Image gallery

An image gallery allows you to display photographs of work you have completed. They can be organised in albums containing various galleries.

We initially add up to 24 of your own images depending on your package. We’ll tidy up and optimise your images to fit the format and add text descriptions to assist with search engines.

Logo design and Branding

If you don’t have logo or perhaps have an unprofessional one or simply want to create a fresh look for your website, we can help!