Business tips during the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency

What to do during the emergency period So, your business has suddenly ground to a halt and you need to adapt to survive. What can you do so that your business comes out the other side even stronger? e-Commerce Are you selling online? This is the perfect time to rethink how you do business. Selling online is the perfect way to do business whilst maintaining social distancing. If customers normally come to you, then you'll need to deliver or provide a safe collection regime. We can help you set up anything from a basic e-Commerce website to a large [...]

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Web page text

How many words should an ideal web page comprise of? When we refer to a web page we mean a formal page setting out some aspect of your business such as your “About” page or “Services” page. When we create pages for your website we aim to use about 600-700 words per page. This text may be supplied by you or you may want to use our using our copywriting service or perhaps do both. Why? Forbes (US global media company) indicates that an average of 600-700 words per page is optimal for SEO. And, Forbes states that websites with [...]

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How to get more Twitter followers

Increasing your Twitter audience Twitter followers are quite in interesting metric bandied about for vanity purposes or a measure of influence in a field. “I’ve got more followers than you!” sounds a bit playground but if I asked you if you would like more followers than your competitors I’m sure you’d answer “yes”! So, how do you get more Twitter followers? First port of call Google with a “get more followers twitter” search brings about some interesting results. First up are some Google Ads advertising companies who will do this for you. Second is a featured snippet, thirdly some typical [...]

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