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Business tips during the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency

What to do during the emergency period So, your business has suddenly ground to a halt and you need to adapt to survive. What can you do so that your business comes out the other side even stronger? e-Commerce Are you selling online? This is the perfect time to rethink how you do business. Selling online is the perfect way to do business whilst maintaining social distancing. If customers normally come to you, then you'll need to deliver or provide a safe collection regime. We can help you set up anything from a basic e-Commerce website to a large [...]

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Optimising images in WordPress

Reducing needless image file sizes Images are larger in size than plain text making them longer to load and slow down your website, but a website without images would be pretty boring! Images make your content more engaging and interactive so you’ll need them if you want to engage with your audience. Usually if you want to optimise your photos for use on your website you would normally use photo editing software such as Photoshop. This process can be time consuming and stop you from perhaps uploading more photographs and images to your website. Another downside of have oversized images [...]

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Streamline your paperwork

Clever ways to upload, merge and deliver smart documents If your business documents are proving cumbersome to put together then we can help. You’ll find you’ll make efficiency savings in the office and modernise your workflow. We look at your documents and create from scratch a fillable PDF or Word document. This enables you to create PDFs which can be merged with data to produce a smart bespoke document. Creating your document is as easy as creating a document in your favorite word processor. A fillable PDF allows users, whether they be online or on a computer in your office, [...]

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Worldpay Compliance

Making your website Worldpay ready If you’ve been accepted by Worldpay and want to start taking payments you’ll need to check that your website is fully compliant with the Card Schemes and Department of Trade and Industry standards. We can help you do that. Clearly display your goods and services The products and services that you sell will need to match those that you listed on your original Worldpay application. They want to double check that didn’t tell them you were selling confectionery and suddenly switched to selling arms! Write and display your policies You need to clearly display the [...]

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Web page text

How many words should an ideal web page comprise of? When we refer to a web page we mean a formal page setting out some aspect of your business such as your “About” page or “Services” page. When we create pages for your website we aim to use about 600-700 words per page. This text may be supplied by you or you may want to use our using our copywriting service or perhaps do both. Why? Forbes (US global media company) indicates that an average of 600-700 words per page is optimal for SEO. And, Forbes states that websites with [...]

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Wiki Loves Monuments UK

Wiki Loves Monuments UK is part of the world’s largest photo contest One of the great things about the internet is the ability to share and collaborate for free. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a great example of that. You’ve most probably come across it in Google search results when searching for practically anything – it’s that vast! During September 2018 Wikipedia are looking for people to submit high-quality images of UK listed buildings and scheduled monuments. So if you are looking for a reason to get out and enjoy the late summer weather take your camera! The contest is [...]

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Using Google Fonts

Free fonts for more interesting typography… Google Fonts is a library of over 900 libre licensed fonts which you can use freely on your website. Google Fonts has an interactive web directory for browsing the library by filtering for the particular type of typeface you’d like eg serif, sans serif, display, handwriting and monospace (a font whose letters and characters each occupy the same amount of horizontal space). Google Fonts also include options for different weights and styles (italic, bold, light, etc) so the possibilities are broad. So, don’t just settle for Arial, Times New Roman and Helvetica – try [...]

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How to get more Twitter followers

Increasing your Twitter audience Twitter followers are quite in interesting metric bandied about for vanity purposes or a measure of influence in a field. “I’ve got more followers than you!” sounds a bit playground but if I asked you if you would like more followers than your competitors I’m sure you’d answer “yes”! So, how do you get more Twitter followers? First port of call Google with a “get more followers twitter” search brings about some interesting results. First up are some Google Ads advertising companies who will do this for you. Second is a featured snippet, thirdly some typical [...]

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SCAMS: Fake domain name renewal notices

Beware fake renewal notices and how to spot them We’ve just had a client contact us wondering about an email they’d received threatening to suspend their domain – the kind of message that will get your attention for sure! Let’s have a look at the email and see what red flags you should be looking for to avoid being ripped off. The subject is… “ Service Suspension” to grab you attention. The email message opens with the following text in a red box for additional scare factor… SERVICE SUSPENSION NOTIFICATION SUSPENSION REASON: OVERDUE ON PAYMENT EXPIRATION DATE: A date in [...]

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Text to Speech software TTS

Convert text to speech Text to speech, abbreviated as TTS, converts text into the spoken voice. It’s in essence a form of speech synthesis. The first text to speech systems were developed to help the visually impaired read text by converting the text to a computer-generated spoken voice. TTS software can convert any text in to the spoken word and so is different to voice activated systems which rely on preloaded words and therefore limited in vocabulary. So, how useful is it likely to be to your business? You may have seen videos on YouTube which have the narration made [...]

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