Clever ways to upload, merge and deliver smart documents

If your business documents are proving cumbersome to put together then we can help. You’ll find you’ll make efficiency savings in the office and modernise your workflow.

We look at your documents and create from scratch a fillable PDF or Word document. This enables you to create PDFs which can be merged with data to produce a smart bespoke document.

Creating your document is as easy as creating a document in your favorite word processor. A fillable PDF allows users, whether they be online or on a computer in your office, to type data directly into the PDF and save the data. The document can be edited after a merge easily to adjust it to suit your business need.

Once merged your document can be emailed, saved to Google Drive or a third-party integration. We can control where your merged files are sent.

Typical uses are the deployment of business paperwork to clients with their bespoke details on. So, if you send your clients paperwork we could help automate this process and cut document preparation time to minutes instead of hours. That could have a major impact on your business.

Typical businesses that may need this service are Estate Agents, Property Management, Nonprofit, Legal, Finance, HR, Business, Government, Sales and Marketing, Events and many more.

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