Making your website Worldpay ready

If you’ve been accepted by Worldpay and want to start taking payments you’ll need to check that your website is fully compliant with the Card Schemes and Department of Trade and Industry standards. We can help you do that.

Clearly display your goods and services

The products and services that you sell will need to match those that you listed on your original Worldpay application. They want to double check that didn’t tell them you were selling confectionery and suddenly switched to selling arms!

Write and display your policies

You need to clearly display the following policies before a shopper makes a payment. These policies will instill confidence in your customers before they make a purchase. We assume you have a GDPR Privacy Policy already.

Refund policy

A clear and concise return and refund policy goes a long way to build customer confidence in your business and your products. Make sure your return policy is in an obvious place such as your main menu. Include it in all email customer correspondence. Always be clear whether you offer exchange, store credit, or cash back, or all three options.

Be clear about your time frame for returns. Make sure your return time frame is short enough to avoid inventory and forecasting issues but long enough to avoid putting people off making a purchase.

Delivery policy

A delivery or shipping policy explains to your customers how you ship your goods to customers, in addition to delivery costs, timeframes, and any restrictions.

Display the payment currencies you offer

You’ll need to list the currencies on your website that you applied for on your Worldpay application.

Display card logos

You need to clearly show the card logos for the different cards that can be accepted on your website. Display them on your homepage so shoppers know which payment methods are accepted before making a purchase.

Display your company details

Clearly display the following details about your company:

  • Transaction currencies
  • Registration name
  • Registered office address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Place of registration
  • Registered number
  • An email address

Contact us if you need some help setting up Worldpay and Woocommerce