Increasing your Twitter audience

Get More Twitter FollowersTwitter followers are quite in interesting metric bandied about for vanity purposes or a measure of influence in a field. “I’ve got more followers than you!” sounds a bit playground but if I asked you if you would like more followers than your competitors I’m sure you’d answer “yes”!

So, how do you get more Twitter followers?

First port of call Google with a “get more followers twitter” search brings about some interesting results.

First up are some Google Ads advertising companies who will do this for you.

Second is a featured snippet, thirdly some typical questions and finally the organic listings.

Turning our attention to the featured snippet we find some interesting strategies listed taken from a selected page picked up by Google.

How to Get More Twitter Followers in 8 Steps

  • Tweet frequently.
  • Optimise your posting time.
  • Post visual content.
  • Utilise hashtags.
  • Engage with replies, retweets and tags.
  • Create an inviting profile.
  • Identify followers within your network.
  • Draw in followers outside of Twitter.

Our Appledown Consulting Twitter page is new with a mere 20 followers so can any of these strategies help increase our followers and make us want to shout from the rooftops our Twitter followers metric?

We’ll have to see but we’ll need to consider each strategy before starting running through the list…

Tweet frequently

Obvious advice really, if you have very few tweets and not very frequent you’re not going to attract attention.

Optimise your posting time

What time should you tweet? A quick Google search brings in a snippet: “The best times are between 1 pm-3 pm on the optimal days. Anytime between 9 am-3 pm are peak times of Twitter use. Huffington Post: For maximum retweets, post at 12 pm and 5 pm The best days to post for B2B organisations is Monday–Friday, and for B2C it’s the weekends and Wednesdays.”.

So, as a B2B company we’ll go for 1 pm-3 pm

Post visual content

It’s more effort to put together photos and visuals so Twitter holds more value to this type of content. We’ll be looking at iPhone photos and Photoshop images to tweet.

Utilise hashtags

Hashtags are all over the place but are you aware what they do? A quick Google search brings in another featured snippet: “A word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a tweet or message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. Whenever a user adds a hashtag to their post, it’s able to be indexed by the social network and becomes searchable/discoverable by other users.”

So, use hashtags to help people find relevant content. Broad hashtags will have millions of results so you’ll be just one of millions of results. More niche hashtags will have far fewer results which may find you one in a thousand or so.

Engage with replies, retweets and tags

Again, fairly obvious to not ignore Twitter users who add replies, retweet your post or share the same tags as you. Go out and engage with them. We’ll make sure we do.

Create an inviting profile

Looking around on Google again finds some useful advice: A clean profile photo is ideal if you aren’t using a high-res brand logo. Use relevant tags, industry keywords and location information. Your profile should be “complete” through describing what you do, your title, what companies you work with and where you operate. Give a taste of your personality to give your potential followers a flavour of who you are.

Identify followers within your network

Syncing your contact book with Twitter can find some people who are easy to convert to followers. Get your Twitter account out to your friends and family. We’ll be trying that too!

Draw in followers outside of Twitter

It sounds more difficult than it is – simply make sure you advertise your Twitter account on places such as your website, email footers and your other social media channels.

So that’s our eight strategies for getting more Twitter followers, time to get started. From what we’ve read it seems sensible to Tweet more frequently with hashtags to get us started. Visual posts would be good if we can get the material.