Convert text to speech

text to speechText to speech, abbreviated as TTS, converts text into the spoken voice. It’s in essence a form of speech synthesis. The first text to speech systems were developed to help the visually impaired read text by converting the text to a computer-generated spoken voice.

TTS software can convert any text in to the spoken word and so is different to voice activated systems which rely on preloaded words and therefore limited in vocabulary.

So, how useful is it likely to be to your business? You may have seen videos on YouTube which have the narration made using TTS software, you normally can spot them since they are not quite there yet in terms of pronunciation. So, you may want to use it for a quick video narration or perhaps to read out business documentation when you are having a coffee!

TTS software will only get better so it’s useful being aware of it now and when the necessity arises you’ll be aware of it.

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